Pillar Half Reales Dated 1751 and 1757 Coin Cufflinks

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Spanish silver pillar Half Reales

  • Ferdinand VI ~ Reign 1746-1759
  • Coins Dated 1757-1751
  • Minted in Mexico City, Mexico

Custom mounted into 14k gold bezels with gold filled cufflink posts. Measures approximately 3/4 inch from the top to the bottom of the bezel, 3/4 inch across.

The globes on the front of the coin between the pillars represent the New and Old World. The words ULTRAQUE UNUM (we are one) appear around the edge of the coin. PLUS ULTRA (there is more beyond) is engraved on the ribbons entwining the two pillars.

The reverse of the coin depicts the Spanish Coat of arms. It has three fleur-di-lis for the House of Bourbon and the Lions and Castles representing the Kingdoms of Leon and Castile. All of these coins have a safety edge to prevent shaving. Additionally, the mintmark is to be found on either side of the date.


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