William Henry MokuTi Wristwatch
William Henry MokuTi Wristwatch

William Henry MokuTi Wristwatch

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This watch is from the brand new line that William Henry has started.

Limited-edition number 85 of 250 model with its dial made of MokuTi, a complex tapestry in titanium. The metal is created by forging 84 separate layers of 4 different alloys of aerospace graded titanium into a finely patterned billet.

This exquisitely detailed material is forged specifically for this project by one master artist. After a detailed diamond polish, carefully applied heat is used to to reveal the different alloys and the final pattern in the dial.

The dial is housed in a black DLC-coated titanium case with a sapphire crystal and exhibition back revealing the Swiss automatic movement with a 38 hour power reserve.

Water resistance is rated to 10 ATM/100 meters, and the hand crafted leather strap features a custom stainless deployment class for easy wear and adjustment.

The well known William Henry box includes a replacement leather strap. William Henry includes a 2 year warranty at no charge.

For purchase or inquiries, please call us at (504) 522-3305 and let us know you are interested in WB-23-1404 E-185